Associate contractor

Wanted associate contractor 

If you are willing to sell the results, in place of selling your time, then become Associate contractor. 

Enjoy the freedom and create wealth for generations.

Our following associates are looking for competent professionals; who can take responsibility and deliver the results.

हमारे निम्नलिखित सहयोगी, ऐसे सक्षम पेशेवरों की तलाश में हैं; जो जिम्मेदारी ले सकते हैं, और परिणाम दे सकते हैं.

Your state where you want to deliver your services

Your present base pincode

Your prior experience if any?

They will require your services about 100 to 150 days a year.

Have any questions? ask here.



ID proof 

address proof